Oriental Arts

As well as being first and foremost a college of Traditional Chinese Medicine, White Lotus also has an Oriental Arts College.

What do we teach at this College?

  • Two year Gong Fu instructors course.
  • Medical Qi Gong course.
  • Regular classes in Gong Fu In Killorglin.
  • Regular short Qi Gong for health courses in Killorglin and in Newcastle West at Hollytree clinic.
white dragon kung fu

Gong Fu Instructor course training.

Our main centre of training is in our Guan/Dojo in Dunmaniheen, Killorglin. It is purposely built with all of the facilities necessary to give our students the very best in training.

We have toilets, a shower, also a lecture room separate from our training area. We have a TCM clinic on site and tea and food heating facilities. The area itself is very conducive to our training as it is two kilometres outside the town in a quite area with wonderful views of the MacGillicuddy Reeks and the Sliabh Mish mountains. There is also free parking and many b&b’s for accommodation nearby.

For more information on our Gong Fu course please go to our course page.

Medical Qi Gong Training

This training is very specific and comes under the College of TCM. It is specifically aimed at practitioners of TCM who have already graduated from their TCM and acupuncture course. This is because it is Medical Qi Gong and is aimed at treating your clients.

During that course you will learn how to treat the patient without out the use of needles or any other intervention except your own Qi. It is very precise and specific. You will learn exercises to increase your own sensitivity and awareness. You will learn how to lead your Qi and your patients Qi. You will learn how to gather Qi from nature and store Qi. Then you will learn how to use that stored Qi effectively. You will also very importantly learn how to discharge sick Qi.

For further information on our Medical Qi Gong please go to our Course page.

 Qi Gong for health promotion

The college holds regular short courses on Qi Gong for health promotion for the general public. These are excellent as a way of getting to understand what Qi is about and a way into a healthy aspect of an ancient practice without having to embark on a large course.

You will be taught very gentle exercises and breathing techniques that are suitable for everyone regardless of state of health. They can even be performed by people in wheelchairs or even some can be used by people who are confined to bed. The exercises you will be taught are commonly used in traditional Chinese Medical facilities to promote and aid recovery and lessen the severity of certain illnesses.

The Qi Gong for health promotion courses are held in Killorglin at our centre in Dunmaniheen and in Hollytree clinic in Newcastle west, Co. Limerick.

We also run an online Qi Gong for health promotion which runs concurrently with the TCM and Acupuncture course. The online Qi gong for health promotion is open to practitioner who have already completed their TCM and acupuncture course.

Regular Gong Fu Classes

Regular Kung Fu Classes are held in our centre in Dunmaniheen, Killorglin. Co. Kerry every Monday and Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. Each class is for an hour and a half.

Class content:

  • Stretching, strengthening exercises
  • Martial arts Qi Gong
  • Basic Kung Fu technique
  • Combinations
  • Pad work
  • Forms
  • Self-defence
  • Sparring

These classes are open to everybody young and not so young. We have a class range from young people up to the age of 60.

The traditional Gong Fu we teach because of its structure and adherence to Traditional Chinese Medical Principles is suitable for all ages. Our main concern is to do what is best for the students, so they can progress safely and naturally.

In terms of self-discipline there is nothing like it. You will be brought into a different world, one that never stops rewarding.

Shows and events

Every year we strive to put on a show or exhibition of what we have accomplished during the year. This is usually followed by a meal in our marquee.

For information on past events and up-coming events please go to our events page.

This year 2020 due to Covid 19 all social events were cancelled.