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Our Western Medicine Module is a requirement for those students taking part in the TCM and Acupuncture Course who do not have a qualification in Western Medicine. Our western Medicine module is designed for those people studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to give them the tools necessary to converse appropriately with their patients who may come with western medicine diagnoses, have a good understanding of western medicine treatment for common ailments as well as have a good understanding of western medical anatomy and physiology.

It is vital that our students also have an excellent knowledge of red flag issues and know as far as is possible when to refer a patient on.

What our Western Medicine module does not do, or allow for, is make any claim or otherwise that any student completing this module will have the tools necessary to diagnose any client under the application of Western Medical Diagnostic principles.

The Lic TCM and Acupuncture course including the Western Medicine module aspect of the course only and ever allows graduates of this college, diagnose clients applying strictly the methods and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the diagnosis and its findings.

Learning Outcomes

After studying this course the students should have:

  1. An understanding of human anatomy and physiology according to Western Medical norms.
  2. An understanding of common diseases and their likely causes.
  3. An outline of general WM treatment for common diseases.
  4. A good understanding and recognition of Red Flag issues and a clear understanding of the appropriate action to take.

Course Duration

Will be completed within the first two years of the Lic TCM Acupuncture course. Most of the course will take place in the first year.

Presentation: Online

Fees: The first year fee for the Western Medicine module covers the duration of the Western Medicine Module

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