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The College Aim:

The aim of our college is to teach our students up to the highest level of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

Ours is an integrated Qi Gong and Acupuncture course. As well as learning Acupuncture and some of the other modalities of treatment of TCM you will also learn Medical Qi Gong. This Qi Gong is specially formulated for the Traditional Chinese Medical and Acupuncture student which will benefit your own health and can will be used later to promote your clients health and or speed their recovery.

Your Qi gong will not just benefit your own health but because your Qi will be “charged” it will add power to your own Acupuncture treatment.

The Course

The course is an intensive training programme held over the course of twelve weekends of lecture per year for three years and will involve home study and practice. Seven of these weekends will take place in the college and five weekends will be done on-line thus saving you considerable cost.

Upon successful completion of the course the new graduates will be qualified Practitioners of TCM, Acupuncture and will have a Licentiate to enable them to practice and will also be able to tailor a Qi gong regieme for their clients.

You will learn the following:

The main theoretical foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine are:

  • Acupuncture
  • Moxabustion
  • Cupping
  • Dietary therapy and lifestyle advice
  • Qi Gong for health promotion as taught in the College only

Where is the course taking place?

The White Lotus College of Oriental Medicine is situated at:

Hollytree Clinic, Bishops street, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick.

Our college premises is ideally suited to the teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

We have two fully equipped treatment rooms, two bathrooms and a kitchenette with food heating facilities. There is also a student relaxation area.

The premises itself is a wonderful cut stone building right in the centre of Newcastle West with a lecture room on the ground floor and one on the first floor.

There is a large Car park at the rear of the building.

Theoretical foundations

As a student you will be brought through the fundamental theoretical foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is not a philosophical exercise but forms the basis of every diagnosis and treatment strategy you will undertake.

Not only will you be taught point location and uses but point selection based on diagnosis.

As a new college it is vital for us to give our students the very best and in so doing equip them to being the best practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture they can possibly be for themselves and their clients.

Our students will not only change their own lives through this course but be in a position to not only treat their prospective clients for their current ailments but fundamentally change their lives for the better.

Who is this course open to?

This course is open to individuals who wish to study a demanding but very rewarding course. This is a course that most western people will not have encountered. As such it will be mind-opening and challenging to our normal western mode of thinking. The addition of our Qi gong for health promotion will be an active aid to practically demonstrate some of the aspects contained within the theoretical foundations of the course.

This course is accessible to people who are currently working in full time occupations. There are no specific formal educational qualifications or Western or Chinese Medical training required. Each individual applicant is considered on their own merits and will be called to interview where the director will discuss with them their own expectations and their current ability to complete the course.

Generally students come from all walks of life and would like to do a course in TCM for different reasons. Some who would like a complete change in career, others would prefer to practice on a part time basis and still others who may never practice but are fascinated by Traditional Chinese Medicine and or Oriental Arts and want to know more. There are other people who may not have had steady employment as of yet and are looking at Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as a serious career option. Some people because of family commitments or other issues have not been able to fulfil their educational ambitions in the past and now are in a position where they can embark on a course of study of TCM that promises to be rewarding and fulfilling. People come to study Traditional Chinese Medicine bringing their own unique experience in their lives to the course. That life experience can be as valuable as any formal education and in many instances more so.

The course is a part time course held over twelve weekends per year for three years and suitable to students of all backgrounds and nationalities. There is no upper age limit but the applicant must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.

How is the course taught?

Primarily through class lecture, note taking, practical demonstration, practical point location, Qi Gong practice, and individual direction. At times, you will be sent hand-outs which you will use in conjunction with your lectures and there will be some power point presentations whenever necessary. You will be brought on an exciting and rewarding journey.

Is home study necessary?

Home study is vital. You will be shown what is necessary, how to take the notes and how to present them. Everything that will be done, will be for your benefit and the benefit of your future clients.

Are text books used?

Yes, there will be one or two text books used and these you will have to obtain before the course commences. You will be informed of what books to get at the time of acceptance. However, your main text book will be the personal working manual that you, yourself will create that will serve you throughout your working life.

Will I need any other materials or equipment?

Writing materials. You will be allowed to voice record the lectures in the college and will be encouraged to do so. You will also need a computer or have access to one for your online lectures and typing and returning of assignments. For your third year you will also need your clinical equipment which you will be given a list of during your second year. This you will use throughout your clinical year and in your own clinics.

Are there examinations at the end of this course?

At the end of your first year you will have five main exams:

  • Western Medicine Exam
  • TCM theory, anatomy and physiology exam
  • Written point location exam
  • Practical point location exam
  • Practical Qi Gong for health exam
  • These are not something to be worried about unduly as you will be prepared meticulously throughout the year.
  • At the end of the second year you will have four main exams. All of the above except for the Western Medicine as that module is completed during the first year.
  • There are no exams at the end of the third year.

Link to application form and course fees can be found at the bottom of this page.

When does this course start**?

We are aiming the start of this course in October 2021.

**Should you wish to register an interest in this course please contact the college and complete an application form.

White Lotus TCM course application form

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