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This course is only open to students who have completed or in the process of completing a TCM and Acupuncture course. It follows closely the format the Students of TCM and Acupuncture take except you as post graduate students you will be taught how to lead Qi and how to emit Qi to your patients in order to treat them and how to replenish your own Qi from nature.

What is Medical Qi Gong?

Medical Qi Gong is a specialised type of Qi Gong that is practiced and performed by a TCM medical practitioner to strengthen their own Qi for the purpose of using their Qi to treat their patients directly.

There are three aspects of medical Qi Gong

The first is exercises that the Qi Gong practitioner can teach their patients to aid in their recovery and or rid their illness.

The second aspect are the exercises that the practitioner need to do for him/herself to be strengthen their own Qi and develop the ability to send out Qi (Wai Qi).

The third aspect is to learn how to treat the patient using Wai Qi. (i.e. Qi directed from the practitioner to the patient).

Medical Qi Gong is a very serious part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one might even say the beating heart of it, even though many colleges of TCM know very little about it. So why would that be the case? It actually comes down to politics. After the people’s republic of China was founded, the policy of the time was to do away with anything that did not fit into an idea of what was considered scientific by the powers that be. Unfortunately Qi Gong (or Dao Yin as it was known then) was one of those practices. This was all Qi Gong, whether for martial arts purposes or indeed medical.

After the famines and illnesses during the great leap forward, the people in charge had a change of heart and resurrected TCM in the form of acupuncture and herbal medicine but not Qi Gong. They systematised TCM and set up universities in the cities of Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai. This systematised method of acupuncture and indeed herbal medicine is what is taught in most of the colleges of TCM around the world.

Unfortunately there was no mention of the Dao Yin/Qi Gong roots of TCM up to very recently. At last Medical Qi Gong is being taught and recognised again in China. The director of the college was very fortunate in having studied Medical Qi Gong from a Master in China and other masters who have left China.

This is why in our TCM Acupuncture course we have included Qi Gong for health as part of the curriculum, because truthfully doing acupuncture without Qi Gong is like looking at one side of a coin without being able to turn it over to see the other side. This Qi Gong course is formulated for your study as practitioners of TCM and acupuncture and should be practiced exclusively to any other Qi Gong methods whether from books or on line for the duration of your course. This is vital to understand and abide by this directive

When does this course start**?

We are aiming the start of this course in September 30th, 2023.

Medical Qi Gong Course

**Should you wish to register an interest in this course please contact the college.



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